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Carboot Terms and Conditions

Freesia Carboot Sales are held in the car parks in front of the Salou Town Hall. Entrance is via Calle Pere Gales, in front of Salou CAP (Centro de Atención Primaria).

The Booking Space, Plots

Each individual spaces that you book at the carboot, called plots, are about 4m wide and 3m deep which is sufficient to hold a normal sized car parked vertically with a table of approximately 2m next to it. The cost per individual plot is 10 euros, which goes in full to the Freesia Group and the charities we support.

Note that larger vehicles, vans and trailers will be charged accordingly based on their size and additional space. For public safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse large vehicles, vans or trailers into the area.

What You Can Sell

This is a small carboot sale style event for the sale of second hand goods and NOT a market for the sale of new items or food. The items for sale must be personally owned by the seller and should be secondhand and not stolen. Professional traders and/or commercial market traders are strictly not allowed.

All sellers must take total responsibility for the items they are selling and be the rightful owners of the goods they are selling and that none are stolen. The local police may ask for identification or proof of ownership.

How to Reserve your Plot

You can reserve a plot or space by using this website. You will then receive a confirmation email that includes information about your reservation and a number of Freesia Events that relates to your booking. You must print out this email confirmation and bring it to the carboot sale you have booked for. Without this email identification you may be refused entry.

The online booking process requires that you provide details of your name, NIF/NIE or passport number. Also phone number and a contact email address plus a basic list of what you intend to sell. The legal requirements of the carboot sale is that this information is given to the local police.

Entry to the Carboot Area

Entrance to the area is via Calle Pere Gales, in front of Salou CAP and will be open to the public from 10:00am till 2:00pm. The sellers with identification may enter from 08:00am. The 10 euro fee is payable at the entrance.

All sellers must clean up after themselves and bins are provided across the road. Public toilets are available in the Sports Pavillion or in the Centro de Atención Primaria de Salou (CAP) medical centre.

The local police will be patrolling and on hand to move on any persons not complying with these rules.

  • Thank you and Regards
  • The Freesia Group
  • These Terms and Conditions were last updated: 24th June 2015

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