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Annual General Meeting 2023

The Freesia Group’s Annual General Meeting 2023 was held at the Salou tennis club in which cheques where presented to our supported associations of AECC and AFANOC

Annual Financial Statement


Annual Financial Statement 2022

The Freesia Group annual report and financial statement for the year ending 31st December 2022 which describes its income and financial conditions of the year

Freesia Raffle Ticket 2022

Xmas Fair

Christmas Raffle Draw 2022

The Freesia Group Contra el Cancer Christmas Raffle Draw 2022 was held at the restaurant and venue known locally as The House of Illusion in Salou to support cancer organizations here in Spain.

Freesia Events Christmas Fair Image 2022

Xmas Fair

Christmas Fair Raffle

A big heartfelt thanks to all those people, shops, businesses and restaurants in Salou and surrounding area for their solidarity and kind generosity in the fight against cancer

Freesia Raffle Ticket 2022

Xmas Fair

Christmas Raffle 2022

Freesia Christmas Raffle 2022 With the huge success of last years Freesia More

Freesia Annual General Meeting


Annual General Meeting 2022

Information about the Freesia Group Contra el Cancer Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the venue Tennis Salou H20 on Thursday the 3rd March 2022.